Coisas que aprendi até os 25 anos…

9 Fev

por Natália Albertoni

A foto acima foi tirada com Diana Mini e gelatina cor-de-rosa no dia em que celebrei um quarto de vida ao lado dos meus amigos de infância, de balada, de jantares, de viagens, e essas, particularmente, do handebol que viraram do coração. Essa não é a minha lista, até porque já fiz 26. Mas me fez pensar o quanto o tempo é curto para nos preocuparmos com coisas pequenas.

1. Don’t be a flake. LA is full of lot’s of cool shit to do, and everyone has got to sleep sometime – It’s better to be non-committal, than a total flake.

2. Give everyone 3 chances. People make mistakes, say stupid things, get drunk. But if someone appears to have good intentions, they probably do. Don’t judge people too quickly.

3. Plant a LOT of seeds. I have taken a some big risks, but only because I also worked to create opportunities for myself in various areas of interest. You must be flexible and creative when it comes to making money; especially if you want to be happy AND make money.

4. Follow your instincts. The most important thing about a person, is something that can’t be be quantified – does your intuition tell you that this person has a good heart? That is the MOST important thing people!

5. It’s okay to segment your life, and your friends. You can have ‘party friends’. In fact, if you party a lot, I suggest you make that distinction quickly.

6. It’s not always about you. It’s very easy to over-think the things others do and say. But you must remember that the person you are interacting with has their own separate, and very real, life – with their own problems, insecurities, and experiences. So take things at face value and don’t over analyze.

7. Relax on the drugs. I think at 25, it’s probably time to chill out on the drugs a little right? Weed doesn’t count…

8. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Honesty is an empowering thing and works in most tough situations. If you really dig someone, say it. Life is wayyy too fucking short.

9. Mean people, are just miserable. So give them a break

10. Don’t let insecurity interfere with your happiness. Have the courage to pursue your passions, do silly things that bring you joy. Curb your jealousy. Check your ego.


Dica da linda da Maria Fernanda Pugliesi, que está na foto e viu aqui o post da Laura, criadora Culture Freak L.A. e dona da listinha.

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